The modified mercury demercurization unit URL-2m

URL-2m unit is intended for thermal demercurization of different kinds of luminous lamps. The cullet generated during demercurization process can be used either as a good covering in the roads construction and building activity, or should be dumped as non-dangerous wastes. The plant can be also used for the utilization of the following kinds of wastes contaminated with mercury: mercury containing devices that are out of commission (thermometers, ignitrons, etc.), construction materials (plaster), soils, gold-bearing slimes and rocks.


To escape the electrical shock an operator of the plant shouldn't touch the electric equipment of the plant.

In order to prevent the electrical shock, it is also important to earth the plant by the attachment of the earthing lead to the ground bolt, placed inside the electric box. Minimal dimensions of the earthing lead should be the following while usage of different conductors:

  • isolated cupreous conductors - 2,5 square millimeters
  • isolated aluminum conductors - 4 square millimeters
  • no isolated cupreous conductors - 1,5 square millimeters
  • no isolated aluminum conductors - 2,5 square millimeters

The resistance between the ground bolt and the plant body shouldn't exceed 0,1 Om.

The resistance between wire isolations of the electric engine and the demercurization unit heater shouldn't be less than 0,5 MOm.

ATTENTION! Be careful as while operation of the plant the temperature difference between the demercurization unit header, its devices, bottom parts of the high-vacuum pump and the surrounding environment can reach 100 Celcius degrees.

Noise level at 1-meter distance from the plant doesn't exceed 60 dB.

The plant should be operated by two employees per shift: a shiftman and a machine operator.

Location requirements

The plant should be operated in a room with the floor space about 30 square meters. The room should be equipped with the exhaust ventilation, power supply 3 x 380 W, technical water available and a grounding mat. In a case if technical water is unavailable in the room, cooling of working parts of a plant (pump and twine cutter) can be realized through the self-sufficient closed tank (volume 1-2 cubic metres) with an electric water pump.

A room for the URL-2m location should be no less than 20 square meters. This room should also adjoin to a personnel room supplied with lockers for overalls and a shower room. Lockers for overalls should be connected with a exhaust ventilation system. The plant can be installed and operated in typical industrial premises.

Starting the plant

Install the plant on a smooth flat surface.

Accommodation of installation in a technological premise should provide safe and convenient access to it and the good review of a control panel. The distance from heat-radiating sources before installation should be not less than 2 m. The disposition of the plant should provide the safe and convenient access for its operation. The distance between heat-radiating sources and the plant shouldn't be less than 2 meters.

Take off the header of the plant electric power unit, check the resistance of insulation of power-supply phases (it should be not less than 0,5 MOm) and ground the plant.

Switch the plant to the electric power supply system. You can check the accuracy of the electric power supply system phasing by a short-term (1-3 seconds) turn-on of the forevacuum pump. The pump impeller should turn to the same side as shown by the arrow on the pump body. If it is not - interchange phases.

Operation procedure

The operation procedure is given in the Instruction provided with the plant.


Service of the plant units (pumps, cutter drives, slide gate) is carried according to recommendations given in instructions for the corresponding units.

URL-2m plant service works include:

  • weekly cleaning the plant from dust
  • quarterly warming of the empty demercurization unit to the temperature 300 Celsius degrees with the simultaneous warming of the exhaust jet, the slide gate and its vacuum overhead wires by a hot air (by the industrial drier) to clean them from a mercury condensate. This should be done in operation conditions with vacuum and cryogenic trap get activated.

Transportation and storage

The cooling system of the plant should be completely released from water while transportation.

After transportation and storage at temperature below zero Celsius degrees, the re-activation of the plant should be carried out in the warm place in 24 hours.

Delivery pack

The standard delivery pack of the URL-2m includes:

  • the URL-2m plant
  • plug-in mill for the destruction of HP lamp's burners
  • documentation
  • "ZIP" set


The warranty period for the URL-2m plant is 1 year. This warranty doesn't cover some devices and units, provided by warranty of their manufacturers.

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