Waste disposal

FID-D Venture Company renders the following services:
disposal of fluorescent lamps of all types, as well as disposal of energy-saving lamps that contain mercury

  • demercurization of mercury-containing wastes of any types (contaminated with mercury soils and building materials, mercury thermometers, mercury amalgams, mercury-containing devices such as "Ignitrons" and others)
  • elimination of environmental consequences of pollution of premises and soil with mercury

Our company has all the necessary licenses and permits for demercurization and disposal of mercury-containing waste of any type.

Our company possesses:

  • certified equipment for vacuum thermal demercurization of mercury-containing solid waste
    equipment controlling and monitoring the level of mercury pollution of materials, air, and water
    freight transport for material transportation

To place orders, please contact: tel. 8(963)764-41-56, e-mail: fid@dubna.ru