Price for the offered services and equipment

The FID-D Venture Company that has been dealing with the development of hazardous waste processing for more than 15 years, offers landfills, city administrations, MES (Ministry for Emergency Situations), metallurgical plants and other organizations to conclude a contract for the disposal of lamps and supply of specialized equipment. Our company has a staff of qualified employees and all the necessary licenses to carry out activities in this direction. Using unique complexes of our own design allows us to offer affordable prices for the disposal of mercury-containing lamps and other wastes, as well as short lead times for orders.

Equipment cost URL-2m technological complexes are created by a patented method and are unique for the Russian market. They provide full recycling with the release of metallic mercury and safe glass cullet of the 5th grade. Low energy intensity reduces the total cost of demercurization, and high productivity increases the processing speed. Moreover, our equipment can process almost any type of waste. The purchase of the URL-2m complex will allow the processing of thermometers, household appliances, contaminated building materials and other substances for own use, and also offer mercury lamps as a separate service at an affordable price to another companies.

Equipment of the FID-D company is available in several modifications. The final price for a waste disposal unit is determined by the following parameters:

  • equipment assembly (standard, extended);
  • design variant (mobile, stationary)

Prices for recycling and demercurization of mercury-containing waste. FID-D Venture Company carries out processing of mercury-containing waste under the contract on individual terms. We have a unique workshop equipped with our own production equipment and trained personnel. The prices for the disposal of fluorescent lamps and other contaminated waste make our services available to all the companies. Demercurization can be conducted at any regularity.

The cost of disposal of fluorescent lamps and other materials depends on the total volume of raw materials, regularity (once or throughout the year), as well as other parameters.

Advantages of cooperation with FID-D company

  • A unique proposal in the field of processing of mercury-containing waste.
  • Possibility to conclude a contract for the disposal of lamps for any period.
  • Transparency of terms of cooperation and purchase and sale transactions.
  • Reasonable prices for the lamp disposal and equipment supply.
  • Guarantee of works compliance with the legislation of the Russian Federation.

To conclude a contract for the mercury lamps disposal or the equipment supply, use telephone numbers or e-mail. Our specialists will provide you with details about the terms of cooperation.

Disposal (Demercurization) Price (RUR)
Fluorescent direct lamp 16.5
Bactericidal lamp 26
MAL lamp 26
Energy-saving lamp 26
Advertising gas discharge tube 26
Solarium lamp 42
MCW – mercury containing wastes
Thermometers 500/kg
Manometers 500/kg
Ignitrons 500/kg
Contact information 500/kg
Monitors 500/kg
Misc. 500/kg

We use an individual approach to each client.

You can find out the prices for equipment or for additional individual services by calling us on the phones in the "Contacts" section

The upgraded version of the mercury-containing waste treatment unit, including fluorescent lamps, URL-2M, has successfully passed the state environmental appraisal at the federal level.