Demercurization of mercury-containing wastes

Mercury demercurization is an important condition for preserving the environment. The vapors released by the substance are accumulated in the body, they can poison the soil and water, making the territories and some premises unsuitable for use. Complex demercurization of wastes is a priority work direction of FID-D company, it offers its services to landfills, industrial plants and other enterprises.


Our company develops and manufactures unique complexes, which have no analogues throughout Russia. Patented demercurization of lamps and other mercury-containing waste is carried out by URL-2m according to the principle of mercury elements distillation in a vacuum with further condensation of vapors and their collection by a cryogenic trap. The main processing products are deactivated cullet and mercury. The use of the URL-2m complexes allows demercurization of mercury-containing lamps and other wastes is carried out at a high level with the maximum saving of time and resources.

Our capabilities

The technical base of our company allows to process waste of different types. The most popular service is the demercurization of fluorescent lamps. The list of services available for order also includes demercurization of mercury-containing wastes of the following types:

  • industrial and household appliances;
  • mercury concentrates;
  • contaminated building materials;
  • soil, hard rocks and gold concentrates.

Advantages offered by FID-D company

High quality. Demercurization of mercury lamps and other wastes undergoes complete recycling, which ensures that there is no need for post-processing.

Efficiency. Our company cooperates with enterprises in the territory of Moscow, Moscow, Tver, Yaroslavl, Smolensk, Nizhny Novgorod regions and many others. All orders are fulfilled in a short time.

Reliability. Demercurization of the thermometer and other wastes is carried out with observance of sanitary and technical norms. An agreement is concluded with each customer.

Is there a need in high-quality and inexpensive demercurization of thermometers or lamps? Please contact FID-D company. We work under a contract, perform work on a one-off or on regular basis. To order services for demercurization of mercury-containing lamps and other wastes, just call or email us. We also sell equipment for recycling, provide maintenance and upgrading of the units supplied by us.