Waste processing equipment

If you choose which equipment to use for the recycling of wastes containing mercury, pay attention to URL-2m. It has the following advantages:

  • possibility of recycling and waste containing mercury, as well as using it as a retort furnace to extract gold;
  • complete recycling of waste;
  • possibility of using the mobile version;
  • high speed of metallized demercurization;
  • necessary certificates and permissions for use - a certificate of conformity to TR CU, conclusion of the State Environmental Expertise;
  • low energy consumption.


Unlike the use of alternative technologies, you do not have to worry about the utilization of the phosphor or stupa, our equipment for recycling of waste containing mercury works in a different way. The work is based on the revealed relationship between the temperature and pressure of the mercury steam. The demercurization unit heats the lamps to a certain level, so that mercury begins to evaporate and be evacuated by a vacuum system. The condensate collected in this way on the surface of the low-temperature trap, flows into a specially designed container. The demercurized cullet is poured out by tilting the equipment chamber. The metal mercury separated by means of the demercurization unit can be reused in production.

Equipment for waste disposal URL-2m effectively removes mercury not only from fluorescent lamps, but also from used mercury devices, contaminated building materials, scrap metal, soil, sorbents, and metal amalgams.

The URL-2m unit can also be successfully used as an advanced retort furnace to produce gold from amalgam.


Equipment for the disposal of fluorescent lamps and other mercury-containing waste can be installed permanently in a suitable room, or on the chassis of a freight vehicle (in a container or in a closed form).

  • The dimensions of the stationary device are 1900X1280X2100 cm, weight is 1200 kg.
  • Demercurization equipment processes up to 200 fluorescent lamps up to 160 cm long for an hour or 1500 pieces. in the shift and 8000 pieces of MAL (Mercury arc lamp) lamp burners in the shift (8 hours)
  • The temperature of demercurization is up to 450 ° C.
Feature Numeric characteristic
Turnon time/td> 1 hour
Output capacity 200 lamps per hour and 8000 small lamps per eight-hour shift
Size of recycking lamps to 1600 melimeters
Demercurization temperature till 450 degrees Celsium
Residual mercury content (no more than): in exhaust gases - 0,0003 mg/cubic meter
in the cullet - 2,1 mg/kg
overall dimensions 1900х1280х2100 mm
Weight 920 kg
Maximum electricity power needed no more than 25 kWt
Avarage electricity power consumed 8 kWt


Equipment for disposal of mercury lamps and other mercury-containing waste is supplied complete with a removable grinding mill, necessary spare parts and mechanisms, as well as a complete package of installation documents and instructions for use.


The equipment shall be cleaned of dirt and dust weekly. Unit preventive cleaning shall be carried out periodically (at least 1 time in six months). To do this, heat the unit (without lamps) to a temperature of 250 °C and keep it at this temperature for at least an hour, while heating the unit external metal parts (before entering the LTT (Low-temperature trap)) with hot air (fan).

Information on the operation procedure, maintenance and other information about the URL-2m unit can be obtained from our specialists. You can ask questions by e-mail, phone, instant messengers or in the form of feedback.

установка для утилизации ртутьсодержащих отходов УРЛ-2м