URL-2m unit

The unique for Russia equipment for disposal of mercury-containing waste, as well as gold mining, was developed by the FID-D Venture Company. URL-2m unit works on the basis of the patented technology of thermal demercurization. URL-2m is designed for enterprises engaged in collecting, transporting, neutralizing, locating of wastes, landfills, metallurgical and gold mining plants, city administrations, commercial organizations that collect and dispose of the waste.

URL-2m is designed for thermal demercurization (mercury removal) of fluorescent lamps of all types, as well as MAL high-pressure mercury lamp burners, energy-saving lamps. URL-2m can also be used for demercurization of industrial waste containing mercury:

  • out-of-order devices with mercury filling (thermometers, ignitrons, mercury contacts, manometers, etc.);
  • run-down monitors (cathode ray tubes);
  • contaminated with mercury soils, building materials, sorbents, metal amalgams.


  • 100% removal of mercury from waste.
  • Work with any kind of mercury-containing instruments and materials (thermometers, putty, contaminated soil, fluorescent and energy-saving lamps, etc.).
  • Environmental safety of using URL-2m, confirmed by the necessary conclusions and certificates of compliance.
  • URL-2m unit can be supplied in a stationary or mobile version.
  • High performance equipment at low energy intensity.
  • The possibility of using the extracted mercury in industrial production, cullet in the process of road or construction works.


The standard delivery of ordered equipment includes:

  • URL-2m unit;

SPTA (spare parts tools and accessories):

  • removable grinding mill;
  • equipment documents.

Please contact our consultants for more information about specifications and prices of URL-2m. They will answer all your questions, talk about the services of maintenance and modernization of the units we supplied earlier. Thermal demercurization complexes have a 1-year warranty.