Disposal of mercury-containing wastes

Proper disposal of mercury-containing lamps and wastes is one of the key tasks for the preservation of the environment, attracting huge attention from all over the world. The widespread use of mercury in industry and households, as well as its high toxicity made the problem urgent. The collection, storage, transportation and disposal of mercury-containing lamps, fluorescent lamps, energy-saving lamps, thermometers and other raw materials require a special approach and the availability of special licenses. FID-D Venture Company has everything necessary for successful work in this area and offers a wide range of services for the elimination of hazardous substances and materials to the enterprises.


Disposal of fluorescent lamps and other toxic wastes is carried out by FID-D company in a modern workshop equipped with the advanced equipment of its own design. Long-term experience, unique equipment and trained personnel allow us to successfully use complex solutions in the field of processing toxic raw materials, carrying out neutralization of mercury-containing waste. Our proposal for the disposal of mercury fluorescent lamps and other products includes the full range of basic and related services. We carry out:

  • collection of mercury-containing wastes in special containers at the customer's site;
  • transportation of raw materials in sealed containers to the processing shop;
  • complete demercurization with the release of pure mercury and safe cullet;
  • preparation of metallic mercury for further export to industrial facilities.

List of processed raw materials

Disposal of mercury-containing waste involves working with various types of materials and devices. The URL-2m complex used by our company, is able to efficiently purify from toxic substance:

  • all kinds of lamps (luminescent, MAL and others);
  • industrial thermometers and household thermometers;
  • remnants of electronic and electrical equipment;
  • contaminated soil and building materials;
  • various mercury compounds and concentrates.

Benefits of cooperation with the FID-D company

Disposal of waste lamps and other hazardous raw materials is carried out using the URL-2m thermal demercurization units. This equipment has no analogues in the territory of the Russian Federation. Disposal of used fluorescent lamps by our company provides the customer with the additional benefits.

The competitive advantages of FID-D company are:

  • short times for the execution of orders of any complexity;
  • provision of services on a one-time and regular basis (based on the contract);
  • quality recycling of mercury lamps and other raw materials in any volume;
  • transparent pricing taking into account the individual parameters of the application.

Our specialists are always ready to tell about the terms of cooperation and other nuances in detail. If you need the removal and disposal of fluorescent lamps or other toxic wastes, just call us or send us an e-mail.