How to do demercurization

When mercury spills are necessary to provide air flow to prevent vapor concentration. For demercurization premises initially produce mechanical collection of droplets by using sheets of paper (in the simplest case) or amalgamated copper plates; mercury collection is usually placed in a container with water that is completely justified, since water (and other liquids) does not prevent the formation of vapor. Mercury and metal waste Demercurization should be placed in a potassium permanganate solution acidified with a few drops of concentrated hydrochloric acid. After the above-described emergency measures that prevent further evaporation, you must report the incident to the local Emergency Situations Ministry and ask leave of experts. This is necessary even with a small spill of mercury, such as thermometers fight, because without appropriate equipment cannot be sure to remove all metal. Even a small dose of mercury indoor adversely affects the body. It is necessary to treat the surface of the hot soap-soda solution (400 g of soap, 500 grams of soda in 10 liters of water).

Decontamination, if necessary, accompanied by the removal of wallpaper and other wall coverings, flooring and carpets, wooden furniture and paper documents. This allows 100% to remove the remains of mercury from the premises. Remote places pour ferric chloride solution (previously used flowers of sulfur).

The need for special conditions Demercurization explained primarily highly toxic mercury. The information contained in fluorescent lamps mercury in their fight is a potential source of contamination of the various rooms. Mercury is a substance of the first class of danger and in relation to health (pathology) a person has a broad spectrum of clinical manifestations of toxic action. The risk of chronic mercury poisoning can occur in all areas in which metallic mercury is in contact with air, even if the concentration of its vapor is very small (the maximum allowable in the workplace is considered a vapor concentration of 0.01 mg / m3, and in the air - 30 times less). Therefore, it is important to demercurization correctly.

Our company works on demercurization mercury-containing waste of any type, ecological impact of contamination of premises and soils mercury demercurization out fluorescent lamps. Our company has all necessary licenses and permits for carrying demercurization.

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